Domestic Oil

When it comes to delivering domestic fuel our knowledge and experience is second to none…

We supply many thousands of homes with oil for their essential needs of central heating and cooking. All of our customers have their own individual requirements and have come to rely on our flexible and reliable service.

Many of our customers have switched to our Planned Delivery Service, which gives them the peace of mind that their tank will be regularly topped up by us.

If your home has a restricted access or you require specific delivery instructions – no problem! We operate a number of small tankers within our fleet that are used specifically for delivering to homes with difficult access. Our drivers are all professionally trained to deliver oil to your home efficiently, safely and courteously.

Spread the cost, keeping you in control…

We offer a payment plan at Evesons, allowing you to spread the costs of your fuel orders, making it more affordable and easier to control over the year, If you would like to apply for our payment plan, just fill in the application form here.

Premier Pure

Premier Pure is a domestic kerosene (BS2869:C2) that is available with the inclusion of fragrance for use in environments sensitive to fuel odours.

Features & Benefits

  • Lowers carbon emissions
  • Increased fuel shelf life
  • Inhibits sludge formation
  • Reduces deposit build up around nozzles and on heat exchanger surfaces
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency
  • Has a fresh fuel fragrance (fragranced version)

Premier Pure Cooker

Premier Pure Cooker is a product designed to improve the ‘burn quality’ when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised.

Features & Benefits

  • Lowers Char value
  • Reduces build up of carbon deposits and soot
  • Inhibits growth of deposits in fuel storage tanks
  • Minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion
  • Increased fuel shelf life
  • Reduces service problems

Working Together

In the interest of fuel efficiency and minimising our impact on the environment, we always try where possible to group our delivery points together. The bigger delivery window that you can give us the more we can achieve together.

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